About the Millennium Club

Reuniting teams with a common vision. The MILL project started with the revival of the Armageddon Coin and platform after the developer left the group.

The Armageddon platform provided an easy turnkey solution for Masternode deployment. The MILL Club developer rebuilt the platform with the focus of simplifying the process for users

Latelly, the ADNode team joined the Club providing their hosting expertise and making our solutions even greater.

MN Hosting Platform

Problems looking for Solutions

These are problems many non-technical individuals are facing, who wish to participate in the crypto world. The team is trying to resolve the following problems:

Choosing a Masternode Coin is Hard

There are more than 1000 PoS/MN offers at the time of writing of this whitepaper, each proposing a wide range of ROI and each proposing their own projects. The amount of research needed to make an educated choice is enormous and out of reach for the average individual.

Masternode Setup is Complex

Setting up a Masternode is too complex for the following reasons. You need to own Windows or Linux to install your wallet - yet most people own a mobile phone only (Android or iOS).

Installing the wallet and configuring it to enable a Masternode can be too difficult for many. The need to rent a VPS to host and configure the Masternode code is even more complex.

Masternode participation may be too expensive

Some of the more secure (or stable) offers in the Pos/MN market are also the most expensive. Owning such a Masternode is too expensive.


Why You Should Join the Club

We believe in a new world, which helps you launch and introduce your ICO Website. We designed it very carefully to make it more attractive, useful and fit any kind of ICO/Crypto website.

Get ideas from the community

Shorten the decision making process by offering a platform that helps the participant choose wisely, provide a one stop location to gather information about projects, provide the tools to analyze performance, and more important, discuss and learn from the club members on Discord.

Masternode Hosting Platform

The Millennium Club platform makes launching a Masternode much simpler. It provides detailed instructions and also includes great support from the community.

Shared and Full Masternode option

The creation of an Investment Club Management platform allowing a group of individuals to participate in Shared Masternodes hosting. Since one wallet needs to be held by someone, it is better to allow individuals, who know each other, to create a group using the Millennium Club platform to manage all aspect of the Investment Club.


Our Coin on the blockchain network.

Coin specification

Algorithm X11 PoW + MN
Name (Ticker) Millennium Club (MILL)
Total Coin Supply 35,000,000
Coin premine for SWAPS 2,000,000
Target spacing 1 minute
Masternode Collateral 50,000 MILL
Rewards Halving every 400,000 blocks
Mining Reward 5 MILL
Masternode Reward 18 MILL
Superblock Reward 2 MILL