The Masternode Coin market (POS/MN) proposes many great project ideas and offers a unique mechanism for individuals to participate and be rewarded. First, individuals who own Masternodes can support their projects while still keeping possession of the coins in their wallet thus making their participation more secure. Second, this approach of creating consensus of the blockchain which uses much less energy is more in line with the current efforts to combat climate changes. The MILL project started with the revival of the Armageddon Coin and platform after the developer left the group. The Armageddon platform provided an easy turnkey solution for Masternode deployment. A few investors from the Armageddon Project supported the creation of a new Masternode hosting platform. This new Millennium Club platform has been running for four months now and is soon to be revamped with new functionality.

The MILL coin has been introduced in a few small crypto exchanges, which help us determine its value. In the next phase, the development team will focus on upgrading the code base to newer version of PIVX, and to achieve this, the team as decided to swap to the new MCLB coin (planned for Q3, 2019) at a ratio of 10 MILL to 1 MCBL. From now on, we will use the ticker MCLB throughout the whitepaper, knowing that MILL and MCLB are the same. The Millennium Club team aims to make crypto more accessible to the masses, with a focus on POS/MN type coins, but also provide access to PoW coins by offering Cloud Mining in the future.

There are more than 1000 PoS/MN offers at the time of writing of this whitepaper, each proposing a wide range of ROI and each proposing their own projects. The amount of research needed to make an educated choice is enormous and out of reach for the average individual.

Solution: Shorten the decision making process by offering a platform that helps the participant choose wisely, provide a one stop location to gather information about projects, provide the tools to analyze performance, etc. Also planned is a mechanism to have members vote for their favorite Masternodes.

For most individuals, setting up a Masternode is too complex, and requires too much involvement. Here are a few deterrents for mass adoption:

  • The need to own a Windows or iOS device to install your wallet - in some countries, most people own a mobile phone only (Android or iOS).
  • Installing the wallet and configuring it to enable a Masternode can be too difficult for many.
  • The need to rent a VPS to host the Masternode code is even more complex.

Solution: Although it may not be possible to make this process as simple as going to an ATM to deposit a check, the Millennium Club platform makes launching a Masternode much simpler. It provides detailed instructions and also includes great support from the community.

Some of the more secure (or stable) offers in the Pos/MN market are also the most expensive. Owning such a Masternode is too expensive.

Solution: The creation of an “Investment Club” Management platform allowing a group of individuals to participate in Shared Masternodes hosting. Since one wallet needs to be held by someone, it is better to allow individuals, who know each other, to create a group using the Millennium Club platform to manage all aspect of the “Investment Club”.

When dealing with non-technical individuals, this can be the biggest obstacle to a participation into the Masternode world. Here are a few deterrents for mass adoption:

  • Assuming that one can get BTC quite easily, you still have to find an exchange that will allow converting BTC to the MN COIN of your choice. If someone holds coins for many different MNs, that person may need to open accounts on many trading platform.
  • Holding money in an exchange may be a risky business. Exchanges are not guaranteed and coins can be lost in those exchanges. Hacks do occur.

Solution: Introducing a mobile wallet exchange that supports all the coins available on our platform, starting with the MCLB coin. The proposed mobile platform will allow fiat to crypto and be very user friendly.

Beware of scammers asking to promote on YouTube.
Solution: The introduction of an affiliate program to market our services. Using our clientele to promote the service they use and appreciate, and offering them rewards.

Most projects lack capital to add listing on other platforms, pay for external development and pay for marketing.
Solution: Implement a fund system for the project, so that costs incurred can be financed in part of the revenue itself.

Participants need MCLB coins to build a Masternode.
This is the most important reason to buy MCLB, not only to build a Masternode and get rewarded in coins, but also for all other privileges Masternode holders possesses.

Benefits for owning MCLB Masternode:

  • 1 vote per Masternode to participate in the team’s future projects (governance approach).
  • Even it is still early to make an official announcement, we are studying a concept where Masternode holders would own and share the revenues from the business activity. A kind of coop approach in the crypto area.
  • Lottery each week or month for x MILL only for MILL MN holders.
  • Discount on Masternode hosting : 2 $ USD / month (instead of 3 $).
  • Discount on SHARED MASTERNODE > Daily fee: 0.005 $ USD (instead of 0.01 $) per seat.

Although this is not possible at this moment, the Club plans to accept MCLB to pay for fees. Once the market is ready, meaning higher trading volume, and more demand for the MCLB coin is created, we will accept MCLB. Note that the team manager must sell those MCLB coins and convert to fiat to pay the operating costs (servers). A rebate on fees will be given for those who choose to pay with MCLB.

  • Algo: Quark [PoW/PoS]+[MN]
  • Name: MillenniumClub
  • Ticker: MCLB
  • Max. Supply: 20.000.000 MCLB
  • Premine: 2.300.000 MCLB (for swap only)
  • Block Time: 60 sec.
  • Masternode amount: 10.000 MCLB
  • Masternode confirms: 15
  • Coinbase maturity: 60+1
  • TX confirms: 6
  • P2P Port: 3333
  • RPC Port: 3335